My Fantasy Woman – Does She Actually Exist?

My Fantasy Woman

My Fantasy Woman – Does She Actually Exist?

In 2011, Alexandra Kovacova a.k.a Crazy Sexy Fun Traveller made a list of her ideal man and his 55 things that he needs to have/be. You can check out her list here and here.

I enjoyed this list as a bit of fun. A couple of years ago my marriage ended and I thought that I would be on my own for the long-term. Recently though, I have been talking to people that are unlike anyone I have met before and it got me thinking…. if there is a ‘perfect woman’ for me, what would she be like? So as an homage here is a list for my fantasy woman in two sections:



1. Legs – Yeah, I am a legs man and not a boobs man. Toned and shapely legs but not skinny. Very sexy!

2. Smile – This is without doubt the most attractive thing about a woman. When you see a woman you like and she smiles or laughs with you, pure heaven.

3. Long dark black hair – I have always had a thing for redheads but I am leaving Ireland behind and over the last year or two I have become very attracted to women with long dark black hair. Maybe it is because of my impending move to Latin America?

4. Smells Good – Close your eyes and remember a fun time you had with someone. What sense is the strongest? For me it is smell. If I close my eyes, it is like I am back in the moment and I can smell them / their perfume.

5. Dresses Up – On a night out, heels and a nice dress? Yes please. Sexy but not too revealing.

6. Dark eyes – When I say dark, I mean almost black

7. Slightly tanned – Someone with a bit of a glow to their skin which has been kissed by the sun. Being Irish I am as white as a ghost an burn too easily in the sun


1. Traveller – I shouldn’t need to explain this one really. I love to travel. It is what I live for. I don’t understand how people can not want to travel and see the world.

2. Confidence – This is probably number 1 on my list. Honestly, there is nothing sexier than a woman that is self confident, has faith in her abilities and doesn’t give a f*** what others think.

3. Independence – An absolute must have. I have my interests and friends, just like you have yours. We don’t need to spend every minute together. In fact it is discouraged. Don’t be a leech waiting to hear from me every 5 minutes.

4. Adventurous – Does the idea of meeting with a group of strangers and spending the night in caves and tunnels under Paris (illegally) sound like fun?

5. Open Minded – I am a very open minded person. I will try anything at least once. Don’t be afraid to try things. We only get one chance in this life, let’s make the most of it!

6. Sexual – This is obvious really and covers multiple things such as being a good kisser, likes to tease me a little and enjoys having sex with me. Not only enjoys it but desires it and initiates it.

6. Laid Back / Chilled – Just go with the flow. Not everything needs to be planned and prepared for.

7. Intelligence – I need to be challenged by a woman. I don’t need someone that just agrees with me because it is easy.

8. Crazy – A little bit of crazy is what I crave. I am not sure how to define this really. In a way it is a combination of being open minded, confident and not caring about what others think and just doing things in the heat of the moment.

9. Beer / Whiskey Drinker – I love to have a nice beer. By beer I mean proper beer and not just fizzy water, so Heineken, Carlserg, Stella, Budweiser etc… don’t count! I am talking about ales, dark beer, porters, stouts. Notice the e in ‘whiskey’? I’m Irish and I drink Irish whiskey and not Scotch. And definately no coke mixers allowed. Straight or with a little water only.

10. Likes Hot / Spicy food – I love my food and I love anything with a lot of heat! Indian and Mexican food are my favourite. If you don’t like spicy food, move on by.

11. Spontaneous – Don’t be boring and ‘normal’. Be random, be spontaneous, be different.

12. Multilingual – I love women that can speak multiple languages especially if it’s one I can’t. There is something exciting about not having a clue what she is saying, especially during sex 😉

13. Not Jealous – As a general rule, I get on better with women than I do with men. Please don’t be jealous or turn into a psychowoman if you see me talking to another woman.

14. Sense of Humour – Who doesn’t like to have a laugh and to mess around and be a big child now and again?

15. Active – I don’t mind spending time indoors, just relaxing and watching a film or something but I really love the outdoors, especially hiking in HOT countries.

16. Enjoys silence – This is not as bad as it sounds. I am talking about someone that can be happy just sitting in silence. You don’t need to talk just for the sake of talking. Just enjoy listening to the world around you.

17. Low Maintenance – Does the idea of going hiking for several days with no shower and camping outdoors sound like fun? Please don’t take 2 hours to get ready as well. Oh and no fake tan (women in the UK are obsessed with the bloody disgusting stuff)

18. Supportive – Push me to do the things that I want to do. Make me believe that I can do the impossible.


So there you have my quick little list of my fantasy woman. What would be on your list (man or woman)? Remember this is just a little bit of fun people!

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  • Avatar
    September 6, 2015 at 06:39

    Haha! Great list, I’m sure she exists somewhere! It’s got me thinking about what I would like in a guy… I’m sure he exists out there somewhere, the trouble is finding that person, and hoping you are what they are looking for too! Good luck!

    • Damien
      September 6, 2015 at 18:37

      Thanks Gemma! I see that you left the UK for Mexico. I am doing something similar next year but Argentina is my first destination, which strangely is the country my best friend thinks I’m most likely to meet someone. I look forward to reading your blog and what you have been up to since leaving the UK!

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