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World’s Worst Places For Me: Places I Don’t Want To Go

The Grand Canal, Venice

 The World’s Worst Places For Me Most travellers will have a bucket list of the places in the world they would like to go. This is usually ‘everywhere’, but is there anywhere that you don’t want to go or just doesn’t appeal to you that much? Here are my choices for the World’s Worst Places   South Sudan/Iraq/Somalia/Syria/Afghanistan South Sudan is the worlds newest country and also one of the least peaceful. Civil war in Iraq has led to thousands of people…

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My Fantasy Woman – Does She Actually Exist?

My Fantasy Woman

My Fantasy Woman – Does She Actually Exist? In 2011, Alexandra Kovacova a.k.a Crazy Sexy Fun Traveller made a list of her ideal man and his 55 things that he needs to have/be. You can check out her list here and here. I enjoyed this list as a bit of fun. A couple of years ago my marriage ended and I thought that I would be on my own for the long-term. Recently though, I have been talking to people that are unlike…

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Couchsurfing Travel Resources

How to write a couchsurfing request

How to write a couchsurfing request Want to know how to write a couchsurfing request? Read on…… I am relatively new to Couchsurfing in that I have been doing it for just over 2 years now. Like most new things which become popular, some of the original members complain that its not as good as it used to be. I can’t make any comments on those claims but I know that I have received a lot of requests from people…

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