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How to Get a Train From Kyiv to Moscow

I have previously written about how to buy a train ticket in Ukraine. Since then, it is actually even easier with an app for Android called ‘Railway tickets’. You can download this from here. At the moment there are no direct flights between Ukraine and Russia. If you’re in Kyiv and you want to go to Moscow you have to get a connecting flight from another country. Or you can go by overnight train from Kyiv to Moscow.   Booking…

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Destinations Europe Ukraine

How to Buy a Train Ticket In Ukraine

Searching for trains

How to Buy a Train Ticket In Ukraine Buying a train ticket online in Ukraine is, perhaps surprisingly, very simple and easy. Train tickets can be booked up to 100 days in advance and there’s an English version of the site to use for those not fluent in Ukrainian. The site for booking tickets is   Searching for a Train Ticket The first thing to do is to select where you are going from and your destination. When entering your choices, you…

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