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Destinations Europe Romania

One Afternoon in Bucharest: Blast from the Past

April 2014 was my first visit to Bucharest, Romania. Since then, I have been back to Romania a further five times. That should be a clue as to what I think of the country! This will be a very brief post about how you can spend one afternoon in Bucharest, walking around some green sites in the city centre. I will have more posts on Romania coming up soon too! Herăstrău Park Herăstrău Park is a large park in the North…

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Crete Destinations Europe Greece

Hiking Samaria Gorge from Chania

One of the more open parts of hike

If there is one thing that people really should do when visiting Crete, it is hiking the Samaria Gorge. The hike through the gorge is 16km, 13km for the hike in the gorge itself and a further 3km from the exit of the park to Agia Roumeli on the southern coast of Crete. For me, the best way to do this hike is on a day trip via the capital city of the island, Chania. This trip can be done using…

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Destinations Europe Sweden

New Years Eve in Stockholm: Blast from the Past

Old town behind me

New Years Eve in Stockholm Part 6 in my blast from the past series is my the time I spent New Years Eve in Stockholm in 2013. I was expecting it to be very cold but it was quite warm at 4-7 degrees most of the time. What I did notice was how little daylight there is in Stockholm at that time of the year. Sunrise is around 9am and sunset about 3pm. Even on my short trip, I can…

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Destinations Europe France

Languedoc-Roussillon: Blast from the Past

Cité de Carcassonne

Languedoc-Roussillon is the southernmost region of France. Part 5 in my blast from the past series is my trip to this region in September 2012. For two weeks I stayed in Languedoc-Roussillon region in the small village of Paraza. A village which has a population of only 586! The village itself sits on the Canal du Midi – a 17th century canal which took 14 years to construct linking the Atlantic with the Mediterranean. House in Paraza The house that I stayed…

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Destinations Europe Italy

Ancient History in Naples: Blast from the Past

Ancient History in Naples

Continuing on my blast from the past series is a trip exploring the ancient history in Naples back in 2011. Naples itself didn’t really impress me too much but there can be no denying that it is a great base to explore the surrounding area. Herculaneum, Pompeii, Sorrento, the islands of Ischia and Capri are all within a short trip from Naples. Plus of course there is the slightly further trip to Rome. If you like your ancient history and…

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Cyprus Europe Greece

Cyprus in October: Blast from the Past

Cyprus in October

The 3rd post in my blast from the past series is on my visit to Cyprus in October 2009. After flying into Larnaca, I transferred to Paphos on the west coast of the island. It was very hot at that time of the year, about 32 degrees. Considering I left Belfast in 6 degrees, it was a bit of a change.   Tomb of the Kings If you enjoy places like Pompeii, then you will like the Tomb of the Kings…

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Destinations Europe France

Paris in Spring: Blast from the Past

Paris in Spring

Paris in Spring The second in my series of blast from the past posts will be on Paris. I first visited Paris in Spring in February 2008, partly to see Ireland play France in rugby. I made it back to Paris, again for a rugby match, in March 2014 and also celebrated St Patrick’s Day with my couchsurfing host. On both of these trips I was able to enjoy fantastic weather, especially in 2014 when it was over 20 degrees! “It’s…

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Destinations Europe Italy

Venice in December: Blast from the Past

The Grand Canal, Venice in December

Venice in December Before I created this blog, I travelled a little around Europe. I have a lot of photos from these trips and rather than not use them, I have decided to do a series of “Blast from the Past” posts starting with Venice! I was in Venice in December 2006 (time really does fly!) and actually got engaged there (it didn’t last). Anyway on with the photos…………       Gondola Ride One of the obvious tourist things…

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Destinations Europe Ireland

The Oldest Whiskey Distillery in the World

The oldest whiskey distillery in the world?

What is the oldest whiskey distillery in the world? What is the oldest whiskey distillery in the world? It seems like such an easy question to answer. Sadly, however, it is not. Doing a quick google search tends to show Bushmills in Northern Ireland, with a year of 1608, as the oldest. As with most things to do with numbers, this year is open to interpretation. This is not the year that the distillery was established, but the year in which a…

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Destinations Europe Iceland

One night out in Reykjavik, Iceland

Christmas tree covered in snow from my One night out in Reykjavik, Iceland

This time last year I was in Iceland for work. I arrived on a Monday evening and was working from 2PM on Tuesday until 6AM on Wednesday and then again from midday on Wednesday until 8PM. It was going well clearly! I was supposed to finish work by lunchtime on the Thursday, but didn’t finish until 5PM. I had a flight home on Friday morning so I had to go out and enjoy my one night out in Reykjavik, Iceland….…

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